Yak Attack Plus

Yak Attack Plus 2.1

Yak Attack {PLus software program is a shooter game that is fast paced

Yak Attack Plus software program is an application designed for computer gamers who enjoy a fast paced shoot‘em up game. This game does not have the usual enemies that attack.

Instead of mercenaries, snipers or army rangers, the Yak Attack Plus software program has a variety of insects that are the enemy. Bugs such as beetles, spiders, ants and flying insects including bees, wasps and other stinging things are all out to take over the land.

Not only will the bugs attack the crops, they also seek out and attempt to destroy animals and other living things. In order to defend against the invasion of stingin and biting critters, the computer game player is armed with their choice of weapons.

Different bugs require different types of ammunition and it is up to the user to move quickly and fend off the onslaught before the insects take over and win the game.

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